Scar Stories → Janet

As you know from her story, my daughter was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at age 29.

I was with her through her sickness, her surgery, and her radiation, and, as mothers tend to do, wished that all of the hurt she felt could be transferred on to me. I didn’t know my wish would come so literally true. In July, 6 months after Francesca’s diagnosis, the endocronologist told me I would have to have half of my thyroid removed to check for Cancer. When the results came back that it was a micro-carcinoma, very small, but there none-the-less I was shocked I could mirror my daughter so immediately and completely.

I was lucky enough not to have to do radiation, I will just have my remaining Thyroid checked annually. But the scar is long and obvious. I am honored to have the second custom scar piece made from my scar. I wear my scar proudly – it reminds me of both of our experiences.

My other daughter, Victoria, has decided to wear both of our scars. She is planning to have them made into pendants that can hang together. She says she decided to do this both to support the two of us, and because this is a genetic disease that she will likely need to face in the future.

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