Scar Stories → Alexandra

My parents instilled the love of sports in me starting at a very young age.  Sports and being active are still a huge part in how I define my life.  I enjoy being a part of a team, the thrill of the game, being good enough to win, learning how to deal with the disappointment of losing, and the physical pressure and demands a sport can place on your body. I’ve always pushed myself, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately for me, my body sometimes pushed back.

Starting at the age of 11, I began having knee problems. Going off a ski jump too early in my career after seeing a little toddler do it before me, was the beginning of the end of my daredevil days. That jump tore the cartilage and ligaments in my knee. Five knee surgeries later, I have learned to accept my limits, while fully appreciating what my body can still do.

My activities and sports make me who I am and everything that goes along with playing sports adds to my personality – being competitive, supportive, and strong. The consequences of my love of sports are my knee surgeries, but I have long ago accepted that my scars are a part of who I am.

Wearing this ring is a beautiful way to celebrate my body, life, and style.

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