Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the scar jewelery?

We use the picture of your scar to make an artistic rendering out of wax. We then cast the piece in the metal of your choice, making it into the piece of your choice.

Does the piece have to be of a scar you can see?

NO! My scar happens to be a neck scar, which lends itself very nicely to a necklace. But many of our customers find that highlighting a scar that is in a more private place can be empowering. See Michelle’s C-Section Scar, or Alexandra’s knee scar. They are less obvious, but no less special.

How do I take a good picture of the scar?

You’ll need a pretty good camera, a lot of light, and a still hand. See the Order page to get some tips.

Does it matter what my scar came from? (Do I have to tell the story?)

Of course it doesn’t matter! You can have a piece made of any scar you like and you never have to disclose how you got it. Sometimes the silliest accidents produce very beautiful scars – so if you love it, memorialize it, we won’t ask any questions. :)

Will the scar jewelry be identical to my scar?

No. Because the rendering is made from a photograph, exact replications are not possible. However, as you see from the examples, scar jewelery reflects very closely the shape and texture of your scar and we are sure you will be pleased with the outcome.

How much will the piece cost?

Because each piece is different, and made out of different precious metal, the prices vary. We’ll send you a quote when we have your specifics, but most scar jewelery falls in the $200 – $1500 range.

If I don’t like my piece, can I exchange it?

Unfortunately, because every piece is one-of-a-kind and unique, we can not process returns or exchanges. When you complete an order, you agree to these terms. We are certain you will be happy with your jewelery; we strive for excellence and artistry in every piece.

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